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NGOs often require work permits for foreign employees in humanitarian roles.

Maritime and

Work permits are crucial for those in maritime and fishing industries who want to enter Fiji.

Overseas Employers and

Needed for overseas employees temporarily seconded to another country.

Work Permit Categories – Long Term (3 Years)

Offering three-year or longer work permits for specific skills or opportunities.

Work Permit Categories – One Year or Less

Typically for a year or less, are issued for temporary or seasonal work.

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Public Notices


The Fiji Immigration Department (“Department”) wishes to advise members of the public that the Department will be moving to the Lala Ramdin Building, 40 Robertson Road, Suvafrom Friday 2nd of February, 2024.


The Fiji Immigration Department (“Department”) wishes to advise members of the public that from Monday 29 January 2024, the Department will no longer accept payments made with cash or cheques.

PUBLIC NOTICE 04/01/2024

The Department of Immigration, in an effort to streamline processes will implement the following changes with effect from 12/01/2024.


We would like to remind all customers that permit and visa applications must be paid with the correct fee. Refer to link for the list of fees.

Any application received with incorrect fees will be processed at a later date, due to additional process required for receipting and communicating with applicants.

We will only proceed to process applications with the correct fee paid.