Fiji Immigration

Work in Fiji

Work in Fiji

Important Information for Employers

  • Employers, organizations, and institutions sponsoring non-citizen to work in Fiji are to ensure that all mandatory requirements (checklist) for permit applications are submitted.
  • Non-submission of any of the required documents can be grounds to decline or refuse, permit applications.
  • Employment contract which includes all non-negotiable condition is a mandatory requirement. A standard sample of employment contract in accordance to the Fiji Labour laws is available on the Fiji Immigration website.
  • Employer is responsible for returning foreign workers to home country as covered in the repatriation clause of the employment contract.
  • Employers to provide evidence that content of the employment contract is understood by the foreign worker and signed by both parties.
  • Change of employment while in country is not permitted unless approve by the Immigration Department.
  • Employers to ensure applicant’s passport is valid for the duration of permit. Application with less than 6 months passport validity will not be accepted.
  • Secondment – Employers to ensure secondment letter signed by the parent company is submitted with the application.
  • Voluntary arrangements – Organisation or company to provide letter of engagement with the application

Work Permit are issued to a non-citizen to be employed by International or Regional Non-Governmental Organisations.

Maritime and
Fishing ​

Work Permit are issued to non-citizen to be employed as Maritime Crew, apply for a work permit as a crew on a fishing vessel.

Overseas Employers and Secondments​

Granted upon submission of a secondment letter signed by the parent company as part of the application process.

Other Work Permit Categories – Long Term (3 Years)​

Long-term work permits in Fiji, with a duration of three years, are typically issued to non-citizens.

Other Work Permit Categories – One Year or Less

Short-term work permits, valid for one year or less, are granted to non-citizens for temporary engagements.