Fiji Immigration

About Us

About Us

Immigration Services

To provide an efficient and effective immigration services through the administration and enforcement of the relevant legislations in order to secure our borders and stimulate economic growth.

Securing Migration and Economic Development through innovative transformation.


We will practice openness and be transparent in our dealings with all stakeholders.


We will at all times be accountable for all decisions and actions, and we will not abandon our responsibility.

Customer Focus

We will serve our customers and strive at all times to meet their expectations.


We will maintain the highest ethical standards in all our dealings.


We will at all times trust and support each other, build good relationships, and maintain good team spirits.

Gender Equality

We value diversity, fairness, and equality of opportunity for all genders that seek our services or join our workforce.


We will be professional and expedient at all times, ensuring that our services and the quality of service we provide are of the highest standard.

Visa and Permit Processing
Our dedicated staff will guide you through the application process ensuring efficiency.
Border Control and Security
We maintain a strong presence at Fiji's entry and exit points to enhance border security.
Our goal is to provide secure travel documents that comply with international standards.
Customer Service and Support
We are committed to delivering excellent customer service and support.