Fiji Immigration

Entering Fiji

Entering Fiji


It is important to know and understand the requirements and what to expect when you enter Fiji.


Depending on your situations, you might want to find out more about:

  • Visa, Permit and requirements for entry
  • what to expect when you cross the border
  • entering Fiji as air or sea crew, an offshore worker or member of the military
Can you travel to Fiji?

Fijian passport holders do not need a visa to enter Fiji. Refer to the list of nationalities that are visa exempted and issued with a visitors permit on arrival. These nationalities can travel into Fiji without a visa.

All other passport holders need will need correct visa or permit to enter Fiji. You need to lodge for your visa or relevant permit prior to purchasing your ticket and boarding the flight to Fiji. You may also need a Transit Visa if you are passing through Fiji to your final destination.

When you enter Fiji, you need to show us your travel documents or passport. Make sure you bring a current, valid passport or travel document and any expired passports or travel documents linked to your visa and permit.

Find the right visa (for Holiday, Transit and to do Business)

There are different visas depending on your travel purpose and length of visit. Each visa has conditions about what you can do in Fiji. Having a visa to enter Fiji does not automatically mean you can work, study or undertake any other activities. Make sure you apply for the visa that matches what you want to do in Fiji, and that you are eligible to apply for that visa.

Find the right Permit

There are different permit categories depending on your purpose and length of stay. Each permit has conditions about what you can do in Fiji. You will need to apply for the correct permit to:

  • work
  • invest
  • study
  • reside with principal applicant
  • reside as Yachter
  • reside on Medical purpose
  • reside in Fiji with assured income

Make sure you apply for the permit that matches what you want to do in Fiji, and that you are eligible to apply for that permit.

Meet our character requirements

We will not grant you a visa or permit if there is a risk that you will:

  • engage in criminal conduct
  • harass, molest, intimidate or stalk another person
  • vilify a segment of the Fijian community
  • incite discord in the Fijian community
  • be a danger to the Fijian community


Meet our health requirements

Health Information is required for permit application. You must be free from a disease or condition that:

  • is a threat to public health or a danger to the community?
  • may result in significant health care and community service costs to the Fijian community
  • may require health care and community services that would limit the access of Fijian citizens to those services as they are already in short supply
Uplifting of your Prohibited Immigration Status – PI Uplift​

It is important to state the reason or purpose of returning to Fiji (or to continue residing in Fiji) when applying to uplift PI Status.

We may not let you return to Fiji for a set period of time if you overstay your permit. You may apply to uplift your Prohibited Immigrant status here.


Customs and Biosecurity Requirements

Many items are restricted or prohibited and cannot be carried by you as a traveller on entry into Fiji.

Fiji Revenue and Customs Services (FRCS) is Fiji’s Customs authority at the border. Refer to the link below to access custom requirements for entry in to Fiji.

Go to Customs Requirements ( )

You can also visit Biosecurity Authority of Fiji (BAF) on for all biosecurity related requirements.