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Exemption Status for Spouse of a Fiji Citizen Application

Exemption Status for Spouse of a Fiji Citizen is granted to a person legally married to a Fiji Citizen and holder of a valid foreign passport to enter, reside and study in the country. This section gives you an overview on how to apply for an Exemption Status under this category.


Eligibility for New/Extension Applications

  • Applicant must be legally married to a Fiji Citizen.
  • If the applicant is applying from outside the country, his/her passport must be valid for more than one (01) year from the date of application lodgment and intended arrival into the country.
  • A Spouse of a Fiji Citizen is exempted from obtaining a student permit for the purpose of studying in tertiary institutions.
  • A Spouse of a Fiji Citizen must apply for a work permit if they intend to work in the country.
  • All documents must be submitted as per Exemption Status for Spouse of a Fiji Citizen Documentary Requirements.
This applies to the following:
  • Non-citizen
  • New/Extension
  • The Department reserves all rights to acquire additional documents for further verification, as and when required.
  • Where a question in a particular section does not apply to you, please put N/A.
  • Providing false information in this application can lead to imprisonment or a fine or both.
  • If you are also applying for children under Exemption Status for Child of a Fiji Citizen Category, the same application form can be used to apply for this. The child(ren) are to be included in Part C of the application form, and the relevant documentary requirements must be submitted (refer Checklist; click here).
  • If the Fiji Citizen Spouse was born in Fiji and does not hold a valid Fiji Passport, a copy of his/her birth certificate along with a valid national photo ID such as Voter Registration Card / Driver’s License must be submitted.
  • If approved, Exemption Status will be granted for one (1) year initially (or less than this if the passport is valid for less than a year at the time of lodgment) and may be extended thereafter to the satisfaction of the Director of Immigration.
  • Exemption status granted remains valid as long as the holder remains legally married to his/her Fiji citizen spouse.
Documentary Requirements
  • Completed Exemption Application Form (New/Extension)
  • Request Letter (from Fiji Citizen) for Exemption as a spouse of a Fiji citizen
  • Copy of the applicant’s bio-data page of passport
  • Two [2] recent passport size photographs
  • Certified copy of marriage certificate
  • Proof of spouse’s Fiji Citizenship (e.g., bio data page of passport, birth certificate, certificate of naturalization, etc.)
  • Police Report for Principal applicant [from country of citizenship or residence]
  • Medical Report for principal applicant [6 months validity from the date of lodging]
  • Copy of previous Exemption Status (if applicable)
You Must:
  • Complete the prescribed Exemption Status application form.
  • Submit the completed prescribed medical form; please ensure that the medical examiner has clearly indicated the applicable option(s) in Part 5 of Section D of the Medical Report Form.
  • Submit photographs less than 6 months old, of good quality color, full-face view of your head and shoulders, and taken against a plain or light-colored background.
  • Submit a certified/notarized copy of the marriage certificate.
  • Submit a signed and dated request letter from the Fiji Citizen spouse.
  • Submit translated certified copies of all non-English documents in English (by a registered translator).
  • Submit police clearance from the country of citizenship or residence in the initial application. If the applicant submits a police clearance from his/her country of residence, he/she also needs to provide proof of immigration status in that country, e.g., a copy of visa/permit.
  • A Spouse of a Fiji Citizen who has been residing in Fiji for more than a year on a valid permit is required to submit a local police clearance for the initial exemption status application.
  • For extension applications, a local police clearance is required (attach a receipt of lodgment only). However, a police clearance from the country of citizenship or residence will need to be submitted in the extension application if the applicant has been out of the country for more than a year since the exemption status was granted.
  • Lodge extension applications one (1) month prior to the expiry date of the exemption status.


Actual processing times may vary due to individual circumstances including:

  • Whether the applicant has lodged a complete application which includes all required documents;
  • Response to any requests for additional information
  • Time taken to perform required checks; and
  • Receiving additional information from external parties.

We will let you know when the decision is made on your application through email.

Further Enquires:

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