Fiji Immigration

Visit Fiji

Visit Fiji

Why Visit in Fiji?

Typical visitors come to Fiji for the following reasons:

  • as tourists
  • for medical treatment
  • for sporting or other recreational activities
  • for the purpose of visiting a relative, or a friend, who is a citizen of the Fiji Islands
  • to attend a conference or meeting
  • yacht owners/members of a crew of a carrier

Only those arriving for medical treatment or yacht owners/members of a crew of a carrier will need to apply for their permits before arriving in the country. Others will be given visitor permits on Immigration Clearance. This visitor permit will allow a visitor up to 4 months of stay. The stay can further be extended to 2 months if applying for extension and the fee is paid.

Entering Fiji

Proof of approved visa and onward ticket for the next country of destination after Fiji is needed.

How to obtain Visa​

Visa is a pre entry authority issued to a non-citizen passport holder from non-visa exempted countries.