Fiji Immigration

Business on Visitor Permit

Permit for non-citizen who wish to work, conduct business, investment or consultancy.

Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and United States of America Nationals
Nationals of Other Countries
  1. Issued on Arrival – Business Visitors Permit issued on arrival for 21 days, (does not require prior approval).
  2. Allowed Activities – A Business Visitors permit allows foreign nationals to undertake business, study, research, consultancy, or work-related activities in Fiji for 21 days
  3. After 21 days – Working beyond the 21 days without a permit, may result in removal and denied future entry to Fiji.
14 days Visitor/ Business Provision
  1. The visitor/ business provision in Section 9 (3) of the Immigration Act 2003 allows non-citizen from any visa exempted countries to work, study or conduct any business-related activities.
  2. Non-citizen to declare intent or purpose of visit, at the border upon arrival.
  3. The provision is limit to 14 days only, cannot extend or permitted to apply for extension.
  4. Work permits to be applied for work beyond 14 days.