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NGOs often require work permits for foreign employees in humanitarian roles.

Maritime and

Work permits are crucial for those in maritime and fishing industries who want to enter Fiji.

Overseas Employers and

Needed for overseas employees temporarily seconded to another country.

Work Permit Categories – Long Term (3 Years)

Offering three-year or longer work permits for specific skills or opportunities.

Work Permit Categories – One Year or Less

Typically for a year or less, are issued for temporary or seasonal work.

General Enquiries

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Public Notices

Passport Collection Delay

The Fiji Immigration Department wishes to advise that Passport collection for applications lodged from 06.11.2023 will be delayed, due to technical issues.

Changes in the Visa Processing timeframe

Effective 1st February, 2023, Visa processing time will increase from three (3) consecutive days to fourteen (14) working days. This is to allow us to accomodate the increasing demand for Visas. Please ensure visa applications are lodged well before travel dates.

Cessation of Passport Stamping

2.1 With effect from 01/02/2023 passport will no longer need to be stamped for the following Permit categories: Work Permit Investor Permit Residence Permit 2.2 Please retain an e-copy/hardcopy of the final permit letter at all time.