Fiji Immigration



This section is dedicated to shedding light on some of the key exemption categories that play a vital role in ensuring smooth immigration processes for various individuals and groups. We understand that each situation is unique, and our commitment to facilitating legitimate travel and immigration is reflected in the diverse range of exemptions we offer.

Child of a Fiji Citizen Exemption

We recognize the significance of family ties and aim to reunite families whenever possible. If you are the child of a Fiji citizen, our exemption process allows for a streamlined pathway.

Dual Citizens Exemption

Our exemption process acknowledges your dual allegiances and provides a framework that accommodates your situation, making it easier for you to navigate the immigration landscape.

Families of Exempted Persons

Our exemption process for family members of already exempted individuals recognizes this need and strives to facilitate your entry into Fiji while adhering to necessary immigration protocols.

Non-Fiji Citizen Civil Servant Exemption

Our exemption process is tailored to acknowledge your professional dedication and facilitate your entry into Fiji, enabling you to continue your valuable work.

Spouse of a Fiji Citizen Exemption

f you are the spouse of a Fiji citizen, our exemption process provides a pathway for you to join your loved one in Fiji, ensuring that your relationship remains strong and unimpeded.