Fiji Immigration

Visitors Permit

A Visitor Permit is issued to those foreign nationals that have entered Fiji to Visit for Holiday.

A tourist on holiday would intend to:

  • View Fiji’s sand, sun, surf and sites
  • Attend sporting and other recreational activities
  • Visit relative(s) and friend(s) (who is/are citizen(s) of Fiji)
  • Attend conference or meetings
  • Transiting the Fiji islands (for onward travel to another country)
  • and as a member of a crew of a vessel/carrier. 

The period issued may vary from several days up to a maximum of four months.

A visitor’s permit cannot be used to:

  • Look for employment
  • Work (or hold any form of employment)

A Visitors Permit issued on arrival may be extended prior to expiry of the permit.

A Visitors permit can only be extended while it is still valid.  An extension can be applied for prior to the expiry of Visitors permit.

A person on holiday or on a Visitors permit may extend this permit for a period of only two months

There can be no further extension after this.

Applicants in the following categories cannot apply for an Extension of Visitors Permit.

  • Business Visitors Permit
  • Students or relatives on 30 days Visitors permit
  • Application form [Complete, filled, signed]
  • Passport Biodata page [Certified copy, Valid for more than six months]
  • Request Letter [for all applicants sponsored/ not sponsored]
  • Proof of funds [sufficient to sustain applicant during stay; bank statement, cash on hand]
  • Hotel remittance [to confirm accommodation, support letter for those staying with family/friends]
  • Confirmed return ticket [to confirm date of departure to country of residence, not booking/reservation]
  • Copy of arrival stamp [Certified copy]

An application for extension can be made while the Visitors permit is valid online at: [link to portal]

Applicants for extension must ensure that all required documents are submitted via online portal.

Your fees may include the application, issue Forms, Publications & Fees ( bond fees

Dependents of the principal applicants (permit holders under this category) may apply for co-extensive permits to reside with the principal applicant.

Application fees $664.50

Processing of Visitors Permit Extension takes three (3) to five (5) working days when submitted over the counter at Suva.  Processing may take longer if further assessment or documents are needed or submitted via online portal.  This is due to time taken to communicate for required documents and to identify and confirm payment and registration.

How to get an update on Visitors Permit Extension application?
Please email: [email protected]
Response times may be lengthy due to the number of enquiries received via the portal.