Fiji Immigration

Fiji Permits

Fiji Permits

The Permit Section is responsible for the processing and issuance of all permits. There are currently seventeen (17) types of entry permits and eight (8) entry permit exemption status. The section has a staff of seven officers, and six support staff and is based at the ground floor of the new Immigration office at 969 Rodwell Rd, Suva (old Customs office).

Permit Categories

Visit Fiji

  • Visitor’s Permit
  • Special Purpose Permits on Medical Grounds
  • Special Purpose Permit for Yacht Owners and Crew

Study in Fiji

Work in Fiji

  •  Work Permit for Non-Citizen Skilled Contracted Workers (Commonly known as “Time Post”)
    1.  New Work Permit Requirements:
      •  Work Permit Checklist
      •  Short Term Work Permit
      •  Work Permit Fishing Checklist
      •  Work Permit Under Education
      •  Work Permit Under Religious
      •  Work Permit under Volunteer
    2.  Extension of Work Permit Requirements:
      •  Extension of Work Permit Checklist
      •  Extension of Fishing Work Permit
  • Exemption Status for Members of Her Majesty’s Forces
  • Exemption Status for Diplomatic or Consular Personnel
  • Exemption Status for Official Staff of Diplomatic/Consular Personnel

Please click here to download the sample standard work contract.

Live in Fiji

  • Special Purpose Permit to Reside with a Family Member
  • Co-Extensive Permit
  • Exemption Status for a Child of a Fiji Citizen
  • Exemption Status for Families of Exempted Persons
  • Exemption Status for Spouse of a Fiji Citizen
  • Exemption Status of Former Fiji Citizens
  • Residence Permit on Assured Income
  • Eexemption Status for Dual Citizen

Security Bond