Fiji Immigration

Authority to Work or Study while on a Visitors Permit

This authority allows non-citizens to be engaged in business or investment, study, research, religious activities or do consultancy works, whilst on a visitors permit for a maximum period of twelve (12) weeks from the date of arrival. Section 9(3)(a) of the Immigration Act, 2003 is the enabling provision for the first fourteen (14) days and Section 9(7) authorizes an extension beyond the fourteen (14) days.


  • For workers – a letter of request and undertaking from the employer/organization
  • For students – a letter of acceptance and undertaking from the Institution the applicant
    will be attending.
  • For entertainers – proof of tax registration from FIRCA and approval from the relevant
    authorities for the conduct of the show.
  • Certified copies of the return airline ticket.
  • Certified copies of the applicant’s passport/s (bio-data page).
  • Evidence of sufficient funds for ones upkeep whilst in the country.
  • If approval is granted, the applicant’s passport.
  • The requisite fee.